New Invention: The FuckItBucket!!!

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New Invention: The FuckItBucket!!!

Postby GreyCoyote » August 23rd, 2015, 5:27 am

I do now, for the first time in public, intend to reveal a new invention that I have shamelessly appropriated from Eplaya's own Captain GodDammit (and do now hereby declare myself to be the originator and inventor of, regardless of the plain facts to the contrary.

Behold a new device called the "FuckItBucket"!

Fellow Burners, gather around! You know all those things you had half-finished and are now stressing-out on because the clock is ticking and you just dont know how its all going to get done before the Gate olens? I feel your pain. Now, thanks to a new technology called "denial", you too can have your cake and eat it too! No more stressing! No more midnight panic attacks! Never again will you be worried you wont have time. You just toss thise projects right into the FuckItBucket for safekeeping! Done! No more stress! You can tell yourself its all done, its tested and packed, and its completely ready to go thanks to the magic of the FuckItBucket!

And here is the BEST part! When you get on the playa, and someone says "hey! Can I see your really awesome (insert name of gadget here)?", you can fake this really amazing look of pain, shock and horror as you realize you left it at home, sitting in the garage, in the FuckItBucket!

I'm off to gather a few things I need to "pack" in my FuckItBucket now. :lol:

Pricing starts at $6.99 for a Basic FuckItBucket (Lowes), with GreyCoyote Signature Editions available to well-qualified buyers starting in the $40 range.

Hit me up on the playa for a demonstration of this amazing device!!! :lol:
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Re: New Invention: The FuckItBucket!!!

Postby chuckularone » August 23rd, 2015, 7:14 am

Well, I'm throwing my GPS hat in the FuckItBucket. I'll still gonn have the lighted hat, but I really wanted to have the pointer back to camp.
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Re: New Invention: The FuckItBucket!!!

Postby lionsnzebras » August 23rd, 2015, 10:25 am

I pulled all the THINGS out of my fucket bucket this am because I now have copious amounts of time!

Yay for tragedy and dismay!

With that said, We purchased 4 black shelves from home depot and im filling it with all the THINGS that have been in my way this last year, packing, repacking and moving said shit. Why?
So that I can pull the big dome plans out of the FUCKET BUCKET and get the FUCK to work GODAMIT!

Next up 24 footer....Perhaps....
After that 30 footer, then perhaps a 40, but we will have to look at all the THINGS, all the PLANS, and perhaps upgrade the fucketbucket to a 45 gallon drum!

Must review, plan and take a look at all the THINGS, as zebra has pulled deck plans, drive way plans out of the bucket too....damit, its not just a man fucket bucket, its universal!

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