Stuipid company stupid money

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Stuipid company stupid money

Postby lionsnzebras » June 24th, 2016, 9:13 am

So as you may or may not know....Christa and I have been doing personal development courses.
We also happen to work for the same umbrella corporation under different corporate banners.

They gave me the days off for the course as Training days, but they told Christa shes lucky to have a job with all the shit going on with my niece.
I just don't understand the double standard, but it is two different companies under one umbrella both with different general managers but the same HR and group benefits policies. Is this a man / woman thing?

This company makes stupid amounts of money, is worth 500 million dollars and they cant pay for our courses, and only give one of us a half assed yeah sure we will help you.

Its just sad that the man needs more millions, their son is looking at 3.4 million dollar houses and 500k cars. Shit I will never see in my lifetime. When there are so many out there that need even the simplest of things....

I hate the man.

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Re: Stuipid company stupid money

Postby GreyCoyote » June 25th, 2016, 1:37 pm

Show me a very successful corporation, and I'll show you a tank of sharks.

Companies pay lip service, if that, to morals, ethics, education, etc. What little attention they do pay is only because their lawyers told them they needed to do it so they would have a pre-emptive strike against anyone who noticed what pigs they are.

I am ALL for corporations, and I really WANT them to make a metric fuckton of money (so they can hire people, pay them a living wage, and let the circle of life continue). What I dont like is them lying to me. But nice guys, by and large, dont finish in the top 50%.

I have seriously thought about forming a company, and in place of the usual "ethics" boilerplate, spell out the real deal: "this company exists to enrich itself. To do that, we will happily screw you, because we own your ass. You are just a cog in the machine. Perform well, and we will let you continue. Have any hiccups, and we will replace your ass with someone younger, smarter, faster and cheaper. We will kick you to the curb without a second thought. By working here you agree to these terms. If you hold a contrary viewpoint, you better keep it to yourself because this is not a democracy and your "vote" doesnt count. Now stop reading this and get back to work, Slackers..."

The only way out of this trap is to work for yourself, and to do that you must trade the illusion of financial security for the illusion of control. Something like 95% of new businesses fail within the first two years.

The message here is "business sucks". Unless you have a really good biz model, and are willing to become the very same thing that you loathe, you're probably better off as a worker bee for some fat cat who got lucky and is further along the evolutionary business tree.

Sucks... But its the sad truth.
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