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Welcome One and All

Postby kowtow » November 25th, 2014, 4:44 pm

Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking a look at the forums and even a bigger thanks to anyone who decides to leave a post or two. I've been really pleased with the feedback that's been received during this very short time the board has been up. My original intent for this board was to resolve my inability to scan through multitudes of our Campmates e-mails looking for a specific topic or reference to something. I was forever deleting e-mails that I didn't mean to and I was struggling with replies to one subject while discussing an entirely different subject.

Welcome the Burning Board forum. Now all the content that was previously miss organized and incorrectly labeled in my e-mails is all right here. Now not only can I not find anything, but now there are even more people involved leading to even more confusion. What a perfect arrangement this has become.

We welcome everyone to the boards and won't turn anyone away. This isn't a club that you have to know a secret handshake to be a part of; we keep that forum located elsewhere so we can talk behind your backs.

But seriously, do enjoy your time here and give feedback as long as it's constructive. We will try to make this a great environment for us all to be a part of.

Even though I put this board up this is really truly a group effort and that means "WE" all are part of the group. Everyone's opinion carries the same amount of weight around here. I would like to tell you that your opinion doesn't mean shit, but if I did then I would be lying.

A special thanks goes out to the people who made my first burn everything it could be and then some. So thank you FIGJAM, Elliot, Martini Steve, MaryAnimal, Sadie, Chuckularone, Sunbeam, GreyCoyote, Lex, Laura, Yay and UnjonHarley


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